Medical Organizations and Groups for Research and Technology

Growth in medical research and technology has allowed professionals to treat and diagnose patients even better. With technology development, the lives of most people have been rescued. Quality treatments and medicines are offered. But all these would not have been possible without help from medical groups and associations for technology and research, such as the following.

Medical Technology Industry Association of Kenya (MEDAK)

This is an association that represents medical devices and plans in Kenya. It was established in 2019 to safeguard and promote the interests of members who are involved in marketing, exportation, sale, distribution, and manufacturing of the medical devices.

Memberships: MEDAK has categorized its groups into various divisions, such as the following:

  • Associate members
  • Ordinary members
  • Honorary members
  • Healthcare association members

These memberships come with a plethora of benefits. For example, once you are a member, MEDAK will protect your interests no matter what.

Leadership: Members qualify to become leaders if they are among the honorary members. Leaders have the responsibility of reinforcing policies in MEDAK.

World Health Organization (WHO)

This organization is focusing on establishing a healthier and better future for every person in the world. It is working with six regions and 194 states. The organization also has around 150 offices where the workers are committed to attaining its goals. Staff members work hard to fight diseases such as cancer, HIV, and influenza, among others. They also assist children and mothers in surviving by providing medical supplies, water, and food.

Membership: Former staff from different countries are brought together to become part of the Association of Former WHO Staff membership (AFSM). This association does not limit anyone. Once you become a member, you will receive announcements and other newsletters through emails.

Leadership: Free training offers support to health systems. Leadership association in the World Health Organization is established to provide experience to leaders. Team members also organize courses to share knowledge and skills of how they can make the world better.

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

This is an establishment that was formed in 1979. It has developed from a humble beginning for almost forty years to become one of the top health research groups. It is now of the best institutes in the world and Africa.

Membership and Leadership: This medical research organization is administrated by the management board that has the responsibility of reinforcing policies in the department. The management comprises of four former members, seven appointed members, and a chairman. KEMRI’s board runs through committees, such as the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Innovation Committee and Scientific Research
  • Audit Committee
  • Development and Finance


The medical industry is becoming better every day. With many associations existing for research and technology, such as KEMRI, many things have become possible in the healthcare industry.